The Last Wish

The 9th of June was the day we, 2.D and 1.B, visited the theater to see The Last Wish. After all the people got comfortable in their seats, the play started with a narration full of comedy. The whole play was in English, it was funny but the idea behind the story was really wholesome.

The play followed three siblings, children of Mr. King, trying to make their fathers wish come true – recovering his lost sandals. Two of the siblings being busy, left the task for the third one. He went to a far away inn in Bohemia, where he met the young daughter of the innkeeper, and also retrieved his fathers sandals.

Mr. King, who was hospitalized with a sadness level 7, gave his son who brought him the sandals the winning lottery ticket.

I can say I did enjoy it. It was nicely done, with the right amount of comedy and good story telling and plot.

Vivien Gašparecová 2.D
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